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Page last updated 09 July 2020

20 January 2020:   The Links page now contains a link to the 'Aerosociety Podcast' -  the National Aerospace Library's collection of historic sound recordings - "A real Who's Who of aviation personalities and historical subjects".  (And Click hereā–¼ for some useful information about the content of this 'SoundCloud' Website.)

5 June 2020:   Like the last three meetings of the current season, our 2019/20 Annual General Meeting, scheduled for 5 May 2020, had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus epidemic.  Annual Reports from the Secretary and Treasurer which would have been presented at that meeting are now available to read and download here and here.  As no objections to those reports were received (in response to the chairman's email of April 21) it has been taken that those reports and the re-election of committee members has been approved by the Loughborough branch membership.

The preliminary 2020/21 season programme set out at the end of the secretary's report has been updated  and confirmed and may be seen here.  Note that one of the lectures postponed this season has been rescheduled for November 17th.  Unfortunately we do not know whether prevailing conditions will allow the programme to commence on schedule; we will keep supporters advised of developments.

09 July 2020:   Although by this time of year the Programme page would normally have been  updated prior to the start of new season in the autumn, that step has been put on hold as we still do not know what, if any, lecture facilities might be available to us from October onwards.  Possible changes to the now provisional lecture programme, accessible below, will be announced if and when they have been arranged.