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Page last updated 18 February 2021

20 January 2020:   The Links page contains a link to the 'Aerosociety Podcast' -  the National Aerospace Library's collection of historic sound recordings - "A real Who's Who of aviation personalities and historical subjects".  (And Click here▼ for some useful information about the content of this 'SoundCloud' Website.)

14 October 2020:   The originally planned 2020/21 season programme has been severely affected by the coronavirus epidemic.  Of necessity, rearrangments remain fluid:  see the Programme page for up-to-date information.

28 October 2020:   The National Aerospace Library's YouTube channel provides a wealth of aeronautical videos that the RAeS has accumulated over the years.  Topics cover the Society’s history, classic lectures and heritage film collections from aviation industries and service providers.  Click here▼ to enjoy many happy hours of browsing (or go via the Links page).

18 February 2021:   Our 2020/21 programme is being maintained by online lectures via Microsoft Teams.  Continuing changes to the programme are likely due to coronavirus constraints - go to the programme page to see the up-to-date situation.  Invitations to join online meetings will be emailed to all Branch supporters.  Click here▼ for instructions on how to use Microsft Teams (and here▼ for an explanation of the Teams control panel used during the lecture).