2019/20 Lecture Programme

Unless stated otherwise,

meetings commence at 7.30 p.m.

in Room U020, Brockington Building,

Loughborough University.

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October 15

Beluga XL - Oversize Transport for the 21st Century

Veronique Roca, Airbus BelugaXL Technical Director and Chief Engineer

Veronique wil tell us about the BelugaXL since its launch in November 2014.  With its first flight in July 2018, the aircraft is now in the middle of its flight test campaign.

November 5

The 2019/20 Elfyn RIchards Prestige Lecture

Battle of the X-planes : the Competition for the Joint Strike Fighter Programme

Rear Admiral Simon Henley FRAeS, Immediate Past RAeS President

Simon will explain how the programme was conceived and talk through the two widely different concept aircraft.  He will then go through the development programme to bring the audience up to date with the current state of the F-35 Lightning II.

Joint Lecture with IMechE

November 19

The Fairey Rotodyne

David Gibbins, MBE, FRAeS, Ex Westland Helicopters Chief Flight Engineer

This lecture tells the story of the Rotodyne from its conception through its flight test programme (including route proving) to the disappointment of its cancellation in 1962.

             Joint Lecture with IMechE Young Members

December 10

The Heathrow Air Traffic Control System

at 99% Capacity  

Adam Spink, London Heathrow ATC

An overview of Heathrow ATC and how it copes with the demands of delivering a schedule which is planned to 99.5% capacity.  The lecture will include a detailed playback of the BA38 crash and how ATC coped with it.

Joint Lecture with LSU Velocity Society

February 25

High Alpha Testing and Flight Safety

Terry Smith, Ex BAE Flight Test

Lessons from 35 years of high incidence flight testing of combat aircraft: Sepecat Jaguar, Panavia Tornado, FBW Jaguar Digital FCS Demonstrator, EAP Demonstrator and Eurofighter Typoon.

Joint Lecture with LSU Velocity Society

May 5

7.00 pm: 2019/20 Branch AGM

7.30 pm: The North American X-15, the First Manned American Spacecraft

Roger Allton, Loughborough Branch Member.

The story of the X-15, an experimental hypersonic rocket powered aircraft which, in the 1950s, established a series of speed and altitude records.

Joint Lecture with IMechE

June 9   6.30 pm

University Lecture Theatre J104 Edward Herbert Building

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Joint Event with the University Dept of Aero & Auto Engineering

Loughborough University MEng Final Year Aircraft Design Projects - short lecture series

This is an annual event in which a series of mini-lectures from groups of final year MEng students will describe the results obtained from their projects.

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January 21

Nanosatellites : Enabling Technologies for

Novel Mission Architectures

Dr Kate Smith, Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering, University of Manchester

The last 10 years have seen rapid growth in the number of sub-19kg satellites generally classed as nanosatellites. This talk will review the potential technologies that could enable new configurations for future large constellations of very small satellites.

March 17

Rolls-Royce Electrification Strategy  and the All-Electric Demonstrator ACCEL

Metheu Parr, ACCEL Programme Manager, Rolls-Royce plc.

Electrification is an inescapable trend across aerospace markets as we seek cleaner, more sustainable power.  The ACCEL project is intended to pioneer this third wave of aviation.

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February 11

Quicksilver : Regaining the World Water Speed Record for Britain

Nigel McKnight, Quicksilver Project Leader

A description of the technical challenges and participation of a large number of talented volunteer engineers in developing a vehicle that will attempt to break the current water speed record with the heaviest and most powerful challenger to date









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