2022/23 Lecture Programme

Unless stated otherwise,

meetings commence at 7.30 p.m.

in Room U020, Brockington Building,

Loughborough University.

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November 22

Electric Propulsion Systems for Advanced Air Mobility

ocoaLigature0 Steve Mountain, Rolls-Royce Electrical.

Electrical propulsion systems will underpin a third age of Aviation with cleaner, quieter, safer, and more direct point to point travel.  Electrical propulsion systems will underpin this revolution for shorter ranges and hybrid systems for longer range travel.  This presentation will highlight the first emerging applications in advanced air mobility and the associated technologies that will deliver the first wave of operations before the end of the decade.

November 8

East Midlands - the “Big Little Airport”

Clare James, MBE,  Managing Director, East MIdlands Airport.

East Midlands Airport is two businesses in one – by day a gateway for leisure travellers wanting a quick and easy escape to their favourite holiday destinations across Europe and North Africa, and by night the UK’s most important airport for express air freight.  As EMA rebuilds its passenger ‘offer’, the airport is also at the heart of some of the most exciting economic growth opportunities this region has faced.

March 21     

The Buccaneer

Air Cdre (Rtd) Graham Pitchfork, MBE

The talk covers the development of the Buccaneer and its service in the Fleet Air Arm and the RAF.  This includes carrier-borne, maritime and overland operations including the aircraft's involvement during the First Gulf War..

June 14   (6.30 pm:  J104, Edward Herbert Building)

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Joint Event with the University

Department of Aero & Auto Engineering

Loughborough University MEng Final Year Aircraft Design Projects - short lecture series

This is an annual event in which a series of mini-lectures from groups of final year MEng students will describe the results obtained from their projects.

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January 17

V/STOL - British Ingenuity, International Demand

Graham Weller, Aviation Consultant.

The post-war interest in V/STOL led Hawker Aircraft to adopt a French idea and work closely with Bristol Engines (subsequently Rolls-Royce) to create a fixed-wing platform with power-weight ratio greatewr than 1. The Harrier is a classic success story: British ingenuity, largely American funding and focus, and long-term transatlantic cooperation at the technical, commercial, and political level - leading to the Harrier, the AV8B and latterly the F-35.

February 28

Aeromobilty - No Limits

Alistair Bridger, BA Director of Flight Operations & Harvey Mathewson, Aerobility.

The lecture will commence with Alistair giving an overview of his flying  career in the RAF and British Airways. He and Harvey will then tell the story of Aerobility which will form the main body of the lecture.  Aerobility operates out of Blackbush Airfield and has as its aim to provide flying experiences for disabled and underprivileged individuals who might otherwise have no chance of such an experience.


October 12

The People’s Mosquito - the  Wooden Wonder

Ross Sharp, Director of Engineering & Airframe compliance.

The People’s Mosquito is a registered charity with the sole aim of restoring and returning a UK-based DH.98 Mosquito to British and European skies.  Once flying, its maintenance and operation will be funded by public donation, sponsorship and income from sales of branded merchandise and other sources.  The intention is to provide many hours of flying displays every year.

December 13

The 21st Century  Renaissance of the Transonic Wind Tunnel

Dr Doug Greenwell, FRAeS.

Received wisdom is that in this age of digital engineering, wind tunnels are in decline. The imminent demise of the wind tunnel has been eagerly anticipated for over 50 years now … and yet they have stubbornly refused to die.  Indeed, the last 10 years have seen high-speed wind tunnels stage a remarkable comeback; new tunnels are being built, existing tunnels are being upgraded, and mothballed tunnels are being reactivated.

February 14   Elfyn Richards Prestige Lecture

F-35B / HMS Queen Elizabeth Development Flight Trials

John Slater, MRAeS , BAeS Systems Flight Test.

The lecture covers the planning and successful execution of the initial development trials of the F-35B with HMS Queen Elizabeth in Autumn 2018. It includes a brief introduction to the aircraft and the ship followed by details of the modelling and simulation tasks, the piloted-simulation trials, and descriptions of the aircraft manoeuvres aboard the UK's flagship.

                   Joint  Lecture with the IMechE



  Although all lectures are  presented live at our usual venue they are also available online simultaneously via Microsft Teams: use the Join button to access.   ( Click here▼ for instructions on how to use the MIcrosoft Teams facility.)

May 10     (ONLINE via TEAMS ONLY at 7.30pm)

Branch Annual General Meeting

All are welcome to attend but only RAeS and Branch members are entitled to vote.

May 9

Beagle 2

John Thatcher.

Beagle 2 was the first European mission to land on another solar system body having been launched in 2003.  For various reasons, much of the inside story has never been told.  This talk presents a very personal view reflecting the speaker’s experience as the Industrial Project Manager for the first 2 years of the Beagle 2 main phase.