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Branch visit to Shuttleworth Collection flying display on 8 May 2016

Read Colin Moss's report here


At the 2016/17 AGM some changes were made to the branch committee.  All existing members were re-elected but they were joined by the following three new members :- Lauren Carroll (Leicester University), Charlie Dodd (RAeS Young Persons' Network Representative) and Peter Naithanail (Chairman, Loughborough University Students Union Velocity Society).  Mac Maccabee, a founder of the branch more than 50 years ago, who stepped down as branch treasurer, the post he had held most recently (for more than twenty years) was given a round of applause by the audience.  Steve Hogarth FRAeS was elected as the new treasurer.

Minutes of the the meeting can be read here or on the About the Branch page.

27 July 2017:  Click here to see a few photos taken by secretary Colin Moss at a recent Large Model Association flying display.

26 July 2017:  We have been advised that Lauren Caroll will be unable to accept her election to the committee (see below) as she has moved away from Leicestershire.

10 January 2018:   The National Aerospace Library's archives contains a batch of historic sound recordings - "A real Who's Who of aviation personalities and historical subjects". The RAeS has now made these podcasts available on its SoundCloud site https://soundcloud.com/aerosociety-podcast/sets.  Just click the link to hear interviews with, among others, Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown, Scott Crossfield, John Cunningham, Handel Davies, Sir Frederick Handley Page, Jeffrey Quill, Sir Barnes Wallis and Chuck Yeager.  They can be freely accessed but if if they are reproduced, in whole or in part, acknowledgement should be made to the Royal Aeronautical Society (National Aerospace Library) as the source of the originals.