How to participate


If you are interested in learning about the various grades of main RAeS membership -  click here and to apply for membership (you can join as an Affiliate online) click here.

Students under the age of 26 intending to follow a career in Aerospace can obtain RAeS Affiliate Membership for FREE.  Among the many benefits of student affiliation is access to the monthly online magazine Aerospace.  For full details click here.

Supporting the Loughborough Branch

Our supporters fall into four categories:

1) RAeS Members - i.e. members of our parent Royal Aeronautical Society.

2) Branch Friends - i.e. non-members who pay an annual subscription to the Branch (see below).

3) Students - whether affiliate Society members or not.

4) Visitors - interested members of the public who occasionally attend our meetings.

It helps us greatly if our supporters, in whatever category, register with the Branch.   If you currently receive regular emails from us, you are already registered and need take no action.  If not, you can  use the on-line form on the Contacts  page* to register.  Or just email loughborough@aerosociety.com.

* If you are a member of the RAeS, please include also your membership number and state your grade.

Photo: Jeff Foust

Image: NASA

Attending meetings

For RAeS members and Students attendance at our meetings is

free.  We encourage any other member of the public who attends

regularly to become a Friend of the Branch for which a payment

of £15 covers the whole season which usually includes at least nine lectures.  Non-Friends are very welcome to attend  but every time they do, we invite them to make a small donation at the end of the evening (£3 is suggested).  To become a Friend please fill in the  downloadable form, or an application form that can be picked up at any meeting, and submit it with your payment.

If you’d like to help run the Branch

just let us know.  The more helpers we have, the better the programme we can run.  And the more ideas the better.  There is no hard work; Committee members are committed for three evenings a year at most.  But to join the Committee you need to be a Member or a Branch Friend.