2018/19 Lecture Programme

Unless stated otherwise,

meetings commence at 7.30 p.m.

in Room U020, Brockington Building,

Loughborough University.

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the 2018/19 programme

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October 16

The 2018/19 Elfyn RIchards Prestige Lecture

Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carriers - Flagships for the Future

Mark Dannatt, Project Director, UK MoD

A look at the role of the QE class aircraft carriers together with some key design features concluding with an overview of the programme.

November 5 (Monday)

Taranis UAV Flight Testing

Jon Wiggall, BAe Systems Military Air & Information

A review of the objectives, scope and challenges of the Taranis programme including the approach adopted with respect to the safety case that is considered necessary to test a large, experimental unmanned technology demonstrator.

      Joint Lecture with LU Students Velocity Society

November 20

Chasing Bears in the Phantom

Captain Nick Anderson, Virgin Atlantic and ex-RAF fighter pilot

Describing the life of a Royal Air Force fighter pilot in the 1970s with a focus on the exciting job of chasing Soviet Tu-95 'Bear' long-range reconnaissance aircraft over the North Sea as they appraoched UK airspace.

December 11

From Ocean to Stratosphere with

Solar Energy  Raphael Domjan, SolarXplorers SA

Outlining the incredible adventures and explaining why the speaker is so committed to protecting our planet.  A story sprinkled with inspiring videos, photographs and amusing anecdotes.

             Joint Lecture with the IMechE

February 26

Commercial Helicopter Operations

Steve Hogarth, FRAeS, Aviation Consultant and RAeS Loughborough Branch Treasurer

An introduction to the advances made in UK commercial helicopter operations since their inception some 70 years ago.  Many technical challenges have been overcome to establish an industry envied worldwide for its strong adherence to safe practices and sound financial precepts.

May 7

7.00 pm: 2018/19 Branch AGM

7.30 pm: Blue Steel - the V-Force's Stand-off Bomb

Air Commodore Norman Bonnor, FRAeS, FRIN, RAF (Ret'd)

The development history of the Blue Steel missile programme.  In the mid-1950s intelligence showed that the Soviet Union had started devloping surface-to-air misslles that would threaten high-flying bombers.  The Air Staff recognised that a stand-off attack capability was required and the development began of what became Blue Steel.

June 11  7.00 pm

University Lecture Theatre J104 Edward Herbert Building

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Joint Event with the University Dept of Aero & Auto Engineering

Loughborough University MEng Final Year Aircraft Design Projects - short lecture series

This is an annual event in which a series of mini-lectures from groups of final year MEng students will describe the results obtained from their projects.

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January 22

Computational Fluid Dynamics

(CFD) and its Importance to Aircraft Design

Prof Gary Page, Dept of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering, Loughborough University

Presenting a layman's approach to the importance of CFD in the context of modern aircraft design and development.

February 11 (Monday)

In the Blink of an Eye: Head Mounted Displays within BAE Systems

Alec Cameron, Product Manager Survivability, Targeting and Sensor Solutions, BAE Systems Electronic Systems, Rochester

The story of BAE Systems journey into head mounted display systems providing a vision of the future for head worn systems, their capabiliies and applications.

            Joint Lecture with LU Students Velocity Society

March 19

Hybrid Electric Aircraft

Dr Panos Laskaridis, Head of Hybrid Electric Propulsion Group, Cranfield University

Reviewing various Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) related to hybrid electric technologies applied to different aircraft.  The derived CONOPS are then used to propose a technical roadmap.  Future market drivers, metrics and challenges are also considered.

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